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Pacific Quest …your fingerprints remain …you changed a life. Beyond grateful to its people and its place.”-PQ Parent

“As an educational and therapeutic placement specialist who has traveled throughout the country visiting and placing students in many wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools and young adult transition programs, Pacific Quest offers a unique experience for the right student and family. Their philosophical and multidisciplinary approach to treatment is unique in the field of wilderness therapy and offers students an integrated way of “resetting.” They are living in a peaceful and natural environment away from the stresses and distractions that brought them to need an intervention. The field staff teach them the skills of horticulture and community while kids have the gift of time and space to work as their therapist guides them through developmentally appropriate, individually designed and evidenced- based practices to help them break through the barriers that got them “stuck” in maladaptive or dysfunctional ways.. Parents are also grateful for the space and time to work with the PQ clinical team to rebuild relationships with their child. The psychiatric and integrative health team works to assure that each student is functioning at optimal performance all while eating healthy home grown organic foods and learning ways of connecting a healthy mind, with body and spirit. Pacific Quest is an outdoor therapeutic community that is the beginning of a restorative journey.” – Educational Consultant

We felt that Pacific Quest was a very successful program for our son. I know he agrees. We are so grateful for the skilled, caring, and appropriate experience he had. It has truly changed his life. He attended an RTC for a year afterwards, and the combination of the two programs has helped him get on a healthy and productive path to art school, which is his dream. Thank you!”-PQ Parent

“Pacific Quest was life changing for our family and our daughter. I recently had a conversation with her about PQ and she feels it was pivotal to her as a person. She agrees that we put her there at the right time, she was ready for positive change in her life. She said she often reflects back to her experience there and knows it helped get her to where she is today. She is getting ready to transfer to a large University and has received scholarship offers from several colleges, something that was not in the realm of possibility before PQ. She sometimes jokes with me when she is having a rough day “send me back to PQ”! Thank you for helping our daughter and our family.”-PQ Parent

“Pacific Quest was incredibly successful in turning my life around. I went from being depressed and suicidal when I arrived to being a happy, successful, and contributing member of the Ohana as well as my family. The things I learned at PQ helped prepare me to be more emotionally mature than the vast majority of people my age and helped set me up for later academic success. I am now very happy and use tools from PQ to help me stay successful.”-PQ Alumni

Pacific Quest saved our daughter’s life. She would tell you the same thing. She worked very hard on herself and received great therapy. We will be forever grateful to PQ!”-PQ Parent

“It was very successful for our son. The lessons he learned there are still with him and we have seen much improvement this year. He still has a lot to grow and mature, and this year did have a few missteps, but overall we felt that it was the most worthwhile summer our son ever had.”-PQ Parent

“Our Pacific Quest experience was an extremely important (maybe the most important) part of our daughter’s journey back. The staff was amazing and the program was more valuable than I can express here in words. I thank God every day for having lead us here. My daughter is now doing better than I could have imagined. We are now a close-knit family that laugh and get along. She is working full time and is registered to be a full time student in college this summer. I am so proud of her today and I have Pacific Quest to thank for that.”-PQ Parent

“Pivotal experience in turning his life around. While he still struggles, he is slowly maturing and managing a full time job (actually just marked a full year with the same employer, major milestone for him!). The staff at PQ was very professional, knowledgeable and compassionate.”-PQ Parent

“Although financially it was very tough for our family we would repeat our decision and recommend to other families.”-PQ Parent

“We are still very appreciative of our son’s time at PQ. It stabilized his anxiety, outbursts and withdrawal at home, and truancy issues (as well as provided support to us as parents during a very stressful, highly emotional time). PQ also helped us with a much-needed diagnosis of his underlying issues (high functioning ASD), which allowed us to get him the right support in an aftercare program. His communication skills are improving, he looks great (and healthy!) and his overall sense of well-being is vastly improved. He just completed his first home visit since PQ with much success. We all still appreciate the therapeutic relationship he had with his therapist, which started him on his current, stable path. We’ve found that therapeutic relationship hard to replicate. Our son is actually excited to complete his junior coursework over the summer and is voluntarily asking to take college prep classes. Oddly (or maybe typically), we’ve now found ourselves as the confidants of other teenage parents facing similar issues and cannot recommend PQ to them highly enough.”-PQ Parent

“PQ was a great intervention for my daughter. It interrupted her downward spiral and allowed her time to slow down and really think and feel. The simple (primitive) setting was perfect. All external distractions were removed and she was able to finally see herself and actually get in touch with what she was feeling. The healthy eating and sleeping was a HUGE change which not surprisingly made a huge improvement in her physical health which in turn helped her feel better mentally so that she could actually begin taking in and using what therapy had to offer. PQ and her therapist were an excellent start to a longer journey toward long-term change and healing.”-PQ Parent

My son said it was the best thing we did for him, it saved his life. He still struggles but gets through. He is working toward his 4 year degree and has proven he can live independently, taking care of himself. I would recommend Pacific Quest as an excellent place to send a child who needs their kind of help.”-PQ Parent

Pacific Quest gave me the boost I needed to get back on track with my ambitions in life. I transitioned from a child who didn’t know how to tap into their motivations (failing every class I took in the process) to someone who was highly motivated and self confident, ultimately graduating high school in the top 10% of my class with a sense of purpose, ready to take on college.”-PQ Alumni

“Amazing is an understatement. I can’t say enough about Pacific Quest. We are so blessed to have found you! Everyone was outstanding. My daughter cannot wait to visit as alumni. Thank you! You have changed her life and all of ours and we are forever grateful. My daughter’s life was well worth the travel to Hawaii. We all will always have the fondest memories, too. Thank you again.”-PQ Parent

“Annie reports that PQ “saved her life” and that the relationships and connections she made there have allowed her to be more successful at her boarding school. When we picked her up from PQ we saw a lot of improvements including increased hope, self worth and better communication skills.”-PQ Parent

“Best program out there. We got our amazing daughter back and she is now even more amazing. We have and will continue to recommend this program. Even as parents we learned a lot about ourselves and are better parents and people because of our experience with Pacific Quest.”-PQ Parent

“Pacific Quest turned our son around in so many ways it’s hard to describe them all. He is on a long journey but the changes he experienced at PQ were very significant and we are just waiting for them all to come to fruition. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the program to anyone.”-PQ Parent

“Our daughter came home from PQ in a much better place than I have seen her in years. She truly seems much more comfortable with herself and others. We have all worked together as a family and she is in a much better place psychologically and emotionally. She truly healed while staying at PQ. She currently still sees an EMDR therapist weekly. Our daughter openly communicates with her Dad and I. I know PQ was the best thing for her at the time . Currently we are hoping she passes her state boards so that she can have a license to practice massage therapy in NY state.”-PQ Parent

“PQ was an excellent experience for my daughter and laid the essential foundation for her follow up work in after care. We are thankful that we had the resources to secure PQ’s outstanding professional help for our daughter.”-PQ Parent

“The Pacific Quest experience was important for us as parents. It helped us put some of the pieces together and walk forward to let our daughter make her choices. I believe that she received great tools from Pacific Quest and when she decides to work through things, she will have the tools needed to go forward and be successful. We appreciate you.”-PQ Parent

Life-changing experience for our entire family. We cannot say enough about the level of care and healing that we experienced.”-PQ Parent

“I was chosen out of the entire Ohana to go to the Farmer’s Market and represent Pacific Quest! We sold all of our crops in our garden there and made 50 bucks! The money that we make at the market goes back to the community and we also donate it to other organizations. I also was explaining to the locals what Pacific Quest was about and my experiences and growth as well. I felt very proud of myself and how I was lecturing people I didn’t know about PQ.”-PQ Alumni

“I was sent to Pacific Quest, a self­ development program in Hawaii. It was there where I learned everything I needed to improve my grades, help myself, and better my community. In a way it was my rite of passage into becoming an adult.”-PQ Alumni

I owe everything that I have done to become the better person I am today all thanks to Pacific Quest.”-PQ Alumni

“Pacific Quest was a turning point in her life. It was the right intervention at the right time. Thank you again for all you did to help this lovely young women find and accept herself.”-PQ Parent

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your help during my stay at PQ, I have been able to grow so much because of it and will continue to do so.”-PQ Alumni

“We could never have imagined the point we’ve reached now, where all three of us look back with such affection and admiration for the PQ people and experience.”-PQ Parent

“Our daughter learned through PQ’s teachings about the powerful metaphorical relationship between nature and personal growth. She learned through the mind-body­-spirit paradigm. She learned – and even more importantly – thrived ­­ under the supervision of a staff for whom we grew to have so much admiration and respect.”-PQ Parent

“I truly can say I am so happy where I am right now and everything I have learned from you still helps me make decisions everyday. Just wanted to let you know not a day goes by that I don’t think of Pacific Quest and how much it changed my life.”-PQ Alumni

I was able to watch myself morph into this supremely confident person who has achieved things I never dreamed I could achieve. At PQ I got to be the true version of myself without trying to beg to the demands of others.”-PQ Alumni

“We just completed a two day visit and believe this one was the best program that we have ever attended.”-PQ Parent

“Now that we have had a few days to decompress from and process our feelings about our visit, I want to thank you for working with us. You all do a fantastic job with the kids and their parents. We were both impressed by and grateful for your skillful and caring approach to the wide range of problems you encounter with the kids and their families. Thank you.”-PQ Parent