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Established 2004

Pacific Quest is committed to evaluating the progress of our students and families.

Pacific Quest participates in research with the University of New Hampshire and the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP), an independent organization, in the effectiveness of wilderness therapy. One particular study, the Youth Outcome Questionnaire (YOQ), tracks the changes in a student during the life of the program, and again at six months and a year after discharge. This study, coupled with other measures given at the same intervals, allows Pacific Quest to evaluate not only symptoms of function and dysfunction, but also life satisfaction.

Through our cross-sectional surveys, we look at a variety of objectives, including both standardized and validated measures, as well as the perceived progress by the student and family over the years.

Of the 450 alumni families who participated in Pacific Quest's cross-sectional survey:


indicated their child had improved communication skills since Pacific Quest.


stated their child's self control has improved since attending Pacific Quest.

reported their child has improved self confidence since Pacific Quest.

indicated their child has improved social relationships since Pacific Quest.

indicated their child has improved family relationships since Pacific Quest.

91% stated their child's problem solving skills have improved since Pacific Quest.

93% stated their child has improved in taking personal responsibility since Pacific Quest.



indicated symptoms related to depression have improved.


indicated their child had an improved ability to manage emotions. 


Alumni families who reported following next-step and/or aftercare recommendations:

reported an improvement in personal safety, with more than half reporting a “significant improvement.“

reported an improvement in ability to manage emotions.

reported an improvement in family relationships, with more than half reporting a “significant improvement.“